My Signature Pointy Nails for #omd2nails

My Signature Pointy Nails for #omd2nails

Wow DAY 31!  This is my last daily post for the Oh Mon Dieu Part Deux Challenge.  It didn’t seem as daunting for me this year, compared to last year.  I must be getting better at this blogging thing!  Actually, I think I found some time-saving practices, mostly involving my photos. Finding my groove and a pattern in how I do things has been very helpful for me.  I’m historically more of a scatter…

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I am not a fashionista, but if I ever get down to 120 lbs then that might change.  I’ll keep ya posted.  But as far as fashion designers go, I’m most interested in the ones that are easily accessible and affordable.  Like the Simply Vera line.  I found inspiration for today’s nails on Vera Wang’s blog.  She posted about summer 2014 essentials and this outfit called to me:…

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BEACH INSPIRED for #thebeautybuffs

BEACH INSPIRED for #thebeautybuffs

Hey everyone!  Man, I am on a roll with all the ‘inspired by’ nails this July!  I am at the tail end of the big Oh Mon Dieu July Nail Challenge that I’m hosting…. only two more nail designs to post for that!  And now I have another inspired post for you as part of The Beauty Buffsgroup that I’m in.  The Beauty Buffs is comprised of a bunch of talented beauty bloggers who collaborate bi-weekly on…

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NATIONAL PRIDE for #omd2nails

NATIONAL PRIDE for #omd2nails

I am very proud to be an American!  I thank my lucky stars that I was born here in New York State, so close to one of the best cities in the entire world! So I thought I’d show you my american pride by wearing an iconic american image.  Which also happens to be located in NYS- the Statue Of Liberty !

statue of liberty nails lady liberty nails closeup hello new york lady liberty nails enchanted polish new york nails
I love how these nail came out! I can’t believe I didn’t mess up my lady liberty! All my nails…

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BRIDAL nails for #omd2nails

BRIDAL nails for #omd2nails

I’m excited for today’s OMD2 prompt- BRIDAL.  I’ve never attempted bridal nail before, but there are so many pretty options.  I started out using a nail polish that really stands out in my stash as a wedding-themed polish. It’s from Orly and it’s called Kiss The Bride.  Kiss the Bride is a very light pink that’s mostly white, and it needed 4 coats- yikes!  But I guess it’s worth it since it’s a…

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NAUTICAL for #omd2nails

The Oh Mon Dieu challenge prompt today is NAUTICAL.  I told myself that I need to get better at water marbling.  So to keep in line with the watery nautical theme, it’s the perfect time to practice my marbling skills.  This is my most successful attempt so far and I think it has to do with the temperature in my house.  It’s pretty warm here and my Sally Hansen polishes spread like perfection!

nautical marble nails water marble nails nautical water marbleT…

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OUTDOORS for #omd2nails

For our OUTDOORS theme I knew I wanted to do trees, but I wasn’t in the mood for green and brown earthy tones.  I wanted a more whimsical look.  Like trees that fairies would live in.  My head was in the clouds when I came up with design! I started with a purple gradient using Essie Warm & Toasty Turtleneck as my main color, then added some white tree branches and green dotted leaves.  I love the…

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ROSES for #omd2nails

Not sure why I’m afraid to paint roses.  I tried them a couple times and they were harder than I thought.  I dunno!  So I stamped my roses for today’s design. :)

pink and nude rose nails rose nailart for omd2I’m wearing a base of OPI Don’t Bossa Nova Me Aroundand seche vite.  Then later on in the day (when it was totally dry) I used scotch tape to make triangles and then filled them in with black nail polish.  I loved how that looked!  I…

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FRUIT for #omd2nails

It’s FRUIT day in the Oh Mon Dieu Challenge! There’s a few fruits that I really wanna try- especially stawberries, watermelon and cherries. But ever since I saw Wondrously Polished’s pineapple nails here, I knew that I had to try them!  Her pineapples are much smaller on the nail, while I went for a bigger fruit design.  But I added some holographic goodness to mine.  I recently ordered 4 I Love…

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NEGATIVE SPACE for #omd2nails

NEGATIVE SPACE for #omd2nails

I had a hard time getting inspired for today’s OMD2 prompt. So I figured I’d use striping tape, since I NEVER EVER USE IT, LIKE EVER. And that’s what a nail challenge is all about right? Pushing yourself to try new things!
negative space mani

negative space striped nail art

snog striped nails

My base color is Butter London Snog which is super shiny! I also used some striping tape and two striping polishes- blue and purple. Ok, so it’s not the most original design,…

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