Dreamcatcher Nails

I finally got myself some acrylic paints for nail art.  I wanted to be able to paint thinner lines because nail polish can get so goopy and it’s hard to control at times. For my first acrylic paintscapade I went for black dreamcatchers and feathers.  Do you love dreamcatchers as much as me?  I have them hanging in my car, over my bed, in the guest room, pretty much anywhere I can get away with.

Dreamer Dreamcatcher nailart dreamer catcher nails dream catcher nails

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#NAILLINKUP Themes for September

#NAILLINKUP Themes for September

Welcome to Nail Art Ideas Linkup, also fondly called N.A.I.L.  We’ve been running N.A.I.L. for about a year now and it’s a relaxed monthly nail challenge with about one theme per week.  It’s not really a ‘challenge’ though… it’s more of a linkup.  It’s a great way to share your nail art with other people in the nail art community.  You don’t have to commit to doing all the prompts each month. …

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Textured nails for #TheBeautyBuffs

Textured nails for #TheBeautyBuffs

Hey polish lovahs!  I’m happy to have another Beauty Buffs post for you today.  Our group of beauty bloggers posts together every other wednesday and today we’re discussing TEXTURE INSPIRED looks.

As far as nail polish goes, textured polishes are one of my fave styles. For a few reasons. First off, textured nails have a really cool effect so you can wear them on their own (sans nail art) and…

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The Great Polish Giveaway winner!

The Great Polish Giveaway winner!

Did you see who won The Great Polish Giveaway of 2014

Nail Polish Canada announced the winner on their facebook page last week.  In case you missed it, here it is: WINNER WINNER! on FB

Christina M. won the big prize and she’ll get some epic nail mail soon!  Can you believe that she won 200 bottles?  Christina runs her own blog too and she shares her excitement on her blog post here… you should…

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Modern Mosaic Microbatch from Color Club

Modern Mosaic Microbatch from Color Club

I have anther guest post review to show you.  You may ask, “what is a guest post review anyway?”

Well, my friend Lindsay from Nail That Accent!is a busy lady and has a lot on her plate right now, so I offered to review some polishes for her. The collections were sent to her for review, but I will review them on her behalf… and then we can share the results with both her readers, and my readers.…

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LCN Phantasia Review

I recently did a guest post review for my friend Lindsay over at Nail That Accent! If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out here: LCN Phantasia Review

In this post I reviewed the 4 piece Phantasia summer collection from LCN. This is my first time wearing LCN nail polish. I did have a few issues with them. So check out my gripes, my swatches, and my mermaid nail art using all 4 colors!
LCN Phantasia collection by Craftynail

Phantasia mermaid nailart by Craftynail

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ILNP Indie Go Swatch

ILNP Indie Go Swatch

I Love Nail Polish had a sale last month and I picked up a few soon-to-be discontinued holos on clearance. Here’s a swatch of two coats of Indie Go. It’s a beautiful merging of blue and purple and I can definitely see me wanting to wear this one a lot. No staining either. What’s not to love about this indie?
ILNP Indie Go

indie go swatch

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Floral French Water Decals - Born Pretty Store Review

Floral French Water Decals – Born Pretty Store Review

I am a fan of water decals.  So when Born pretty Store gave me the opportunity to review their products I chose these cute french manicure decals called “French Edge Nail Art Water Decals Transfer Stickers Colorful Flower Sticker“. They sell them in four different colors, and each pack is only $1.99.  I chose to review the blue ones.  I have never tried waterslide frenchies before!  I opened the…

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Nailtiques Review - with before and after pics

Nailtiques Review – with before and after pics

I just love doing ten day reviews of nail strengtheners! I have already done OPI Nail Envy, Duri Rejuvacote, and today I’m showing you Nailtiques #2.  Do not confuse Nailtiques with Nailtek! Nailtek is a totally different product which does not work well for me at all!  But Nailtiques has been on my list of fave strengtheners for a few yrs now.  I ran out of it a while ago and my nail health went…

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Birthday nails- make a wish, Sanne!

Did you see that today August 13th is Sanne’s Birthday? Sanne runs the blog Nail Polish in My Eyes…

Birthday nails- make a wish, Sanne!

Did you see that today August 13th is Sanne’s Birthday? Sanne runs the blog Nail Polish in My Eyes…